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How to Save a Dying Business with Social Media

I’m often asked if social media can serve as the savior tonic for a dying business. Is it magic mantra to revive the failed aspirations of a business? Can social media succeed where conventional marketing techniques and legacy business tactics prove to be no good? I personally believe that the world is yet to see the full potential of social media, at least when it comes to its application for businesses. Whether a flourishing business needs to expand its horizons or a dying business looking for a ray of hope, a well-planned social media strategy can work wonders for any type of business.
Back to the basics
Social media operates on the simple principle that ‘humans are social animals’ and it lets a business derive the best out of our social needs. Building a business is not easy and growing it is even tougher. A business can’t survive if it doesn’t care about its customers. Since users/ customers are the focal point of social media, it ensures that they are in good hands.
Customer is king and social media is the kingmaker.
Improve Customer Service
I’ve come across several businesses which fail or die despite having fantastic products and spending an exorbitant sum of money, why? – Because they overlook the most important aspect of running a business successfully – good customer service.
Social media takes the customer service experience to an unprecedented high by letting businesses answer queries on leading networks such as Facebook & Twitter. Throw in the combo of blogs, wikis and forums and you have a highly interactive on-demand customer service center for your business for no extra cost.
Reputation Matters
What matters most for a business is its public reputation. Build great products, build a good brand and see your business flourishing as the word spreads. On the contrary, if customers are unhappy about your product or services, your reputation is bound to take a public beating.
Social media is a double-edged sword for businesses. It can do wonders to enhance your reputation in quick time and it can help revive a brand’s tarnished image. Likewise, if a dying business doesn’t do anything to prevent its downfall; social media can often unknowingly prove to be the last nail in its coffin.
Contacts and Networking
Social Media isn’t just effective for reaching out to customers; it works equally well for building contacts with suppliers, resellers and channel partners. A great product is of little value if it doesn’t have an effective sales channel. I’ve come across many businesses that’ve managed to overcome troubled waters by building contacts and seeking help using social media. In today’s age of globalization, we live in a unified world and a global economy. It’s fair to say that social media is a business’s gateway to globalization.
Startups and Social Media – Made for each other
Running a startup company or business is often a mountainous task – limited funds, stiff competition and high risk. However, a well-planned strategy for social media adoption can help a startup business minimize the risk of failure. Startups can’t always afford hefty marketing and advertising bills and with social media, they don’t need to.
Don’t let your business die, adopt social media and see how it revives your fortunes!

Source : smedio.com

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