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Seven Reasons People Will Retweet You

We all want to get retweeted. It’s one of the most effective ways to spread your influence and reach. Unfortunately, we have very little control over when and how often we get retweeted. But there are some reasons why you might get retweeted that will give you a better understanding of how to make it happen more often.

1. You’re informative
People really look for value when it comes to whom they choose to follow on Twitter. Value comes down to being able to offer information not many other Twitter users can. Whatever your niche is, own it. Be an expert on the subject. Be informative. Let people know what’s going on in your niche and be on the cutting edge. If people think they’re one of the first to spread new information, they’ll definitely give you a retweet.

2. You’re remarkable
If you’ve ever listened to marketing genius Seth Godin, you know one of his mottos is, “Be remarkable.” It’s easier said than done, but it’s not impossible. Don’t fall in with the rest of the crowd in your niche. Stand out. Figure out a strategy that will make you like no one else in your niche. Gary Vaynerchuk is a great example of this with his Wine Library TV. People hang on his every tweet because he’s remarkable in every sense of the word. Be remarkable and you’ll get retweeted.

3. You’re humorous
People can easily double their Twitter followers simply by posting one humorous tweet that happens to catch on. Nothing goes viral like the funny side of life. Think about all the viral videos you’ve seen. What makes them so easy to pass along? In most cases, it’s because it made you laugh. There’s no secret formula to getting your humor retweeted, but if you’re funny enough, it’ll happen. Find your sense of humor and you’ll be rewarded with some good retweets.

4. You’re engaging
If you make connections with people on Twitter, they’re going to notice more of what you tweet. When that happens, those people are more likely to retweet your content, even if it doesn’t exhibit some of the characteristics I mentioned earlier. Connections are of utmost importance to Twitter popularity, and if you’re successful at engaging people, you’ll be successful at being retweetable.

5. You’re sharing
There are a lot of karmic sayings out there, but perhaps none is more appropriate in this case than, “You get what you give.” If you pay it forward and retweet others first, you will likely see those same people return the favor. Again, this is where connections really show their importance on Twitter. Sharing other people’s content is a really easy way to get you retweeted.

6. You’re opinionated
You have opinions and it’s time you started tweeting them. Let people know how you feel about certain things in your niche and they will pay attention. If you’ve established yourself as an expert in your niche, people are really going to notice when you offer your opinion. Facts are great, but sometimes an opinion here or there is great to mix things up. Just make sure to be respectful of opposing opinions.

7. You’re thought-provoking
While it’s important to tweet clearly for the benefit of your followers, sometimes it’s great to force your followers to think about something in a different way. Bring up different points on your niche subject and give your followers different ideas of previously held concepts. Your ability to do so may cause your followers to share what you have to say.

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