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The Social Psychology of Twitter Marketing

Social Media has been a revelation in the last couple of years and it has affected how to market a business online. You not only have to be good at online marketing tactics, you need to be a social media expert and have the traits of an efficient social psychologist as well. It’s fair to say that the integration of social media with online business has led to an altogether new breed called social commerce.
Understand a user’s psyche
A popular saying in Tweetverse suggests that “If it’s on your mind, it’s in your tweets”. When you follow a user on Twitter, you can understand his psyche and thinking by following their tweets. This is crucial from a marketing perspective as it makes you aware of what your prospect customers think, what are their liking and dislikes, what kind of factors would they weigh in before taking a decision to purchase a product online etc.
Many users access social media networks as part of their daily lives. Therefore, Twitter and other social media networks offer a unique opportunity to market your products to prospects while they are spending time accessing social media networks. They don’t need to go through the hassle of accessing another website or watching long marketing videos. Your short and simple tweets are in front of their eyes and that’s good enough to create the marketing magic.
Good Marketing
In Marketing terminology, a campaign that outlines how it will solve people’s problems while earning profits for the business is classified as “Good Marketing”. It should not only get the point across to the prospect customers and encourage those to sign-up for a business’ services and offerings; it should be informational without being too pushy. With tweets being increasingly used by businesses to offer product information and answer customer queries, Twitter is a perfect example of “Good Marketing”.
Launch a promotional campaign for Twitter users and let your loyal followers enjoy the special privileges of additional discounts. It’s guaranteed that your followers would return the pleasantries by signing up for your business and boosting your overall revenues.
Feel Good Factor
There’s a feel good factor in buying products or services from someone whom you already know. You always feel a certain risk while dealing with strangers, no matter how professional they may be. Your tweets act as a passive service to build confidence with your followers. They feel assured interacting with you and there’s a good probability that they’re inclined to sign up with you as compared to a competitor.
It’s fair to say that Twitter has been an outstanding success because it fulfills our long standing starvation of having a real community. Twitter has turned the whole world into one gigantic social community and most users feel privileged to “be a part of” and “being heard of” in the community.

Source : smedio.com

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