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10 Successful Businesses on Twitter

TwitterTwitter has been in the spotlight of many since its launch back in 2007.
The credit goes to its versatility in any circumstances. It is currently being used for social, business, news and political purposes.
Not too long ago, a study revealed that 80% of the people use Twitter for Business. But who are the cream of the crop?
We define success not by the number of followers (although it is tempting to do so) but the amount of interaction and engagement it has with its followers. So here are 10 businesses, which we consider successful on Twitter!
1. Whole Foods
What’s on the page?
Providing excellent customer service has been Whole Food’s key goal on Twitter. Regardless if it is about a refund, exchange, query or complaint, @WholeFoods has never failed to address them in a friendly manner. It has also shown how retailers can leverage Twitter to boost their web presence. One Cool Tweet
wholefood tweets
In a sentence?
Fresh food and fresh experience: online and offline.
2. Starbucks
starbucksWhat’s on the page?
Besides the great customer service, Starbucks discusses with people about coffee – the fundamental reason why people are sticking to its brand. Nonetheless, the conversation with followers is not limited to caffeine. Brad, who manages @Starbucks also shares “what he is doing” and chats with followers about everything and anything! A killer way to woo followers’ hearts.
One Cool Tweet
Starbucks Tweet
In a sentence?
Freshly brewed tweets from Brad at Starbucks in Seattle, WA.
3. Pizza Hut
pizza hutWhat’s on the page?
has a way to entice its followers to buy pizzas. It is always associating its pizzas with occasions like a football match or labor day.
The effect? If you’re following their tweets, you’d probably be thinking about Pizza Hut every time there is an event highlighted on your calendar.
One Cool Tweet
Pizza hut tweet
In a sentence?
It tweets you hungry.
4. Mail Chimp
mailchimp-logoWhat’s on the page?
This chimpanzee is not only adorable but intelligent. It is well verse with email marketing and also helps clients answer queries regarding their email system (it’s good!). If you are a follower, you would probably enjoy it’s chimpanzee-like behavior. We all like to see a consistent image being portrayed by brands. Mail Chimp is definitely one that has achieved that level of consistency.
One Cool Tweet
mailchimp tweet
In a sentence?
A chimpanzee tweeting.
5. Dell
dell-logoWhat’s on the page?
If you have been on Twitter long enough, you should have heard of Dell’s prowess on Twitter. @DellOutlet made $3 million in the span of 2 years through this micro-blogging platform, and they did it through sending discount codes to its followers.
If you think it is a tweet bot, you are wrong. Interaction with customers has been a key to its success.
One Cool Tweet
dell tweet
In a sentence?
Dell owns the PC Twitterverse.
6. Zappos
tony_CEOWhat’s on the page?
Zappos sells shoes online and we would probably think that shoes is what CEO Tony Hsieh (the guy behind @Zappos) is tweeting about. But guess what? We would be wrong to think that. Besides its background, you will hardly see words like “Zappos” or “Shoes” anywhere else. Tony does not tweet to sell. Rather, he chose to share his day to day stories, successfully creating a connection with followers.
One Cool Tweet
zappos tweet
In a sentence?
Zappos is in your shoes.
7. Southwest Airline
swatailWhat’s on the page?
Apart from flight promotions and customer service, Southwest uses questions, quizzes and games on Twitter to engage its followers. @Christiday, the person behind @SouthWestAir has done a great job in maintaining the South West image on Twitter.
One Cool Tweet
SW tweet
In a sentence?
Leader in its industry and now on Twitter.
8. Red Bull
redbull_lgWhat’s on the page?
Tweets are mostly on Redbull’s events and interaction with its fans. The drink that gives you wiings (that’s the way they spell it!) has its brand name rooted in the minds of many, especially in the sportsmen’s. Its tweets and awesome background made it stand out from the crowd. Keep it up, Red Bull!
One Cool Tweet
RedBull Tweet
In a sentence?
@Redbull’s tweets gives you wiings.
9. Toyota
What’s on the page?
toyotaNews about Toyota and customer queries flood the page. Why is a car maker on Twitter? The reason is simple. It wants to be part of the Twitter buzz and learn more about you, its customers.
One Cool Tweet
toyota tweet
In a sentence?
The greatest car maker on Twitter
10. Zazzle
What’s on the page?
zazzle-logoZazzle is an online product customization marketplace. Naturally, Twitter is used as one of its tools to create presence. @Zazzle has active communication with its customers and also offers technical help for troubled clients. An extremely friendly business to follow.

One Cool Tweet

zazzle tweet

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