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6 Types of Tweets That Get Retweeted

quote1My favorite way to get RTs is to post quotes from famous people such as Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, and other self-help gurus. These tweets are without a doubt the easiest to come up with and at the same time viral because they are likely to be appreciated.
This is how I do it:
“If you don’t set goals for yourself, you are doomed to work to achieve the goals of someone else.” #quote Brian Tracy
Do not make your tweets too long lest there are insufficient characters remaining for others to include you in the retweets.
2. Humorous/Interesting
creative-smileyHumorous tweets could save anyone from boredom or a monotonous day at work. Hence, it could also help you get people interested enough to find out more about you.
Tweets like “10 Weirdest Toilet Papers” are light-hearted and hence easy to pass on.
Find more humorous/interesting tweets at
3. Trending Topics
To capture people’s interest, you should also ride the wave by tweeting content that are or related to popular news. Updates such as “10 Weird Things you didn’t know about Michael Jackson” were retweeted by many after the shocking death of MJ.
Look out for daily trending topics on your Twitter homepage as well!
Twitter Trending Topics
4. Breaking news
People love to get updated on the latest happenings. Breaking news in 140 characters, for one, is always welcomed on Twitter. The death of late MJ in one day became the most talked about news on Twitter, and the launch of the new iphone also became part of many people’s tweets. Tweeting on the latest news automatically makes you more involved on Twitter and part of the most talked about topics.
5. Tips/ How-to tips
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Tips or how-to tips are valuable to people. If you really want to benefit all your followers, you could have tweets that are not solely under your niche area.
Even if you’re in the Social Media niche, you are not limited to tweeting on your niche area. As long as your tweets are helpful, tweeting on other subjects would also receive positive responses.
6. Questions
question-markQuestions very often attract retweets as well. One day, I was doing a small chat with some friends on Twitter and to invite more opinions, I posted a question to all my followers. On the same day, I received tons of RTs with many asking their own followers for their sentiments. All the tweets had my profile @askaaronlee retweeted, giving me exposure beyond my own group of followers.
7. Creative Tweets
Creative tweets are uncommon and powerful. They are by nature, attention grabbers.
My best creative tweet was:
“Finish this word. Twitter is…? Your response will be RT”
In a short while, everyone posted their replies and the number of RTs was uncountable. Their responses, notably the interesting ones were retweeted by me. Some of the responses were:
“Twitter is interesting”
“Twitter is a waste of time”
“Twitter is connecting”
These are practically the types of tweets that stand out amongst others. They create opportunities for people to connect with you and are simple ways to get you noticed on Twitter. For instance, by doing exactly what I shared with you, I was recommended by #followfriday people as an interesting person (Not that I am bragging). Try them out!

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