Senin, 13 September 2010

Quality Tweets + Twitter’s Suggestions = Opportunities

In bid to make the entire Twitter community better connected internally, Twitter has recently rolled out a feature “Suggestions for you”. As the name suggests, this feature recommends people whom you don’t currently follow but may find interesting.
The suggestions, as Twitter stated, are “based on several factors, including people you follow and the people they follow”.
Does the quality of tweets (aka content) affect Twitter’s suggestions? We probably think so.
(Screenshots of Twitter’s “Suggestions for you” feature)
Quality matters
Besides friends we know in person, a user’s quality of tweets is the main reason why we follow someone. And the term quality is highly subjective in this context. Depending on personal preference, its definition could range from jokes, breaking news or marketing insights. Twitter probably understands this and it should be included in its user suggestions algorithm. If these reasoning and assumption are true, it’s advisable to watch what we tweet, especially for brands or anyone who wishes to build presence on Twitter.
For example, user Mike, the freelance web designer, wants to be seen as a creative thinker. He tends to share creative content and also his personal tips and works. Anyone who has an interest in web design tends to follow him.
Now, according to Twitter’s algorithm, Mike could be a candidate suggested to other web design and creative enthusiasts. That could potentially mean millions of impressions and a chance to connect with people who appreciate his tweets. Most importantly, they are probably people who might engage Mike’s service too.
Thus, the equation: Quality Tweets + Twitter’s Suggestions = Opportunities.
Say no to all work and no play
For now, no one is clear how Twitter would pick its suggestions, but we can safely assume that the quality of tweets plays a major role. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean we should take Twitter so seriously. All work and no fun make us look dead. Have a right mixture of conversations and content tweets to achieve optimal result. Building new and real connections on social sites like Twitter should always be one of your priorities; keep your approach social and genuine. It’s cliche but true.

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