Senin, 13 September 2010

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter

1. Connections
The first thing to do on Twitter is to find friends, duh. It keeps your friends updated on what you are up to at that moment. It keeps them posted on things you might otherwise forget to share. The thing about this micro-blogging website is that you can follow and get connected with anyone you can think of, including Miley Cyrus, Ellen Degeneres and even Obama.
2. News Updates
Twitter has a way to be one of the first in releasing breaking news. The New York Times, BBC and CNN were not the first to announce the Mumbai Bombings, Twitter was. Why? Because people can tweet on the go no matter where they are and what they just experienced. One sentence is enough to bring the message across before the whole Twitter Community is updated. Trust Twitter to provide you with the latest and hottest news.
3. Network with People Locally and Internationally
One thing I love about Twitter is that it has no Geographical boundaries to the people I meet; no matter if they are from the biggest cities or the small towns. I’ve gotten precious opportunities to meet people from Singapore, US, Iran and UK just to name a few.
Twitter really opens the gateway to opportunities as you get to meet great people in all sorts of fields. On Twitter, it is possible to be asked to join a company, be part of joint ventures and good investments.
4. Learning Something New
So far I’ve learned many things from people on Twitter. I’ve learned how to manage my time properly, dream big and be more aware of what’s happening across the world. These are all the result of meeting people outside of my normal circle of friends and allowing myself to be involved in the most talked about topics.
5. Alerts on Upcoming Events
Twitter acts as a platform for many social groups, organizations and businesses to promote upcoming events in particular seminars and big parties. You might even get to meet your followers at those events!
6. Someone to Talk to
If you’re down or need someone to talk to, Twitter might well be what you need. No matter what time it is, there will always be someone, somewhere in the world who is awake and ready to hear you out.
7. Share Emotions and “Off your Mind” Thoughts
Just got a new gadget and can’t wait to show it off? Met the most unreasonable shop assistant and need somewhere to vent your frustrations? Got some sort of enlightenment on the train and just need to share it?
In 140 characters each time, you can do all that. Share your “at the moment” emotions and thoughts on Twitter.

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