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5 popular bad habits that destroy motivation

Do you have fire in your eyes? Do they reflect the light of your ambition, burning ever so brightly from the fire in your soul? This is your motivation. It is what drives you. It is what keeps you going in the winter time, what gets you out of bed every morning, it is what keeps you smiling.
Feed your motivation. Harvest it and by all means, do not let anyone take it away from you. Here's how:
Trying to fit in - attempting to gain acceptance from our peers is natural. But this harmless attempt at praise can quickly backfire, ultimately diminishing not only your motivation but your spirit as well. Avoid forfeiting your uniqueness through unwittingly seeking praise through sameness. Remember, sometimes a search for a pat on the back can result in a swift quick in the ass (one of my first, iniquitous bosses said this to me).
Telling everyone your intentions - a recipe for disaster, this hidden agenda leaves one open to unnecessary scrutiny and possibly premature jealousy. Not only could your goal, be it short or long term, not happen the way or when you want it, spreading your intentions before they manifest into reality subjects you to immense pressure. Self-trust must be earned, and manifested dreams become the foundation for your confidence.
Listening to people - we all learned about Christopher Columbus in high school History class; people laughed at him, after all the world was flat. Had Chris listened to “people,” life as we know it, would probably be quite different. Seeking advice is acceptable, even necessary, but let this advice be useful guidance. Don’t let sour grapes ruin your festivities.
Late nights. Late mornings - seize the day, don't waste it away. Not only is it getting enough sleep, but when you get that sleep. Restful sleep occurs between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Sleep regenerates not only our bodies but our minds and our minds are a critical key to success. It is the birthplace of creativity, the temple of constructive thinking. When rested, our minds are refreshed. Clear your mind before going to bed, by “downloading your thoughts” (thank you Deepak Chopra), into a journal. Remember, just as your mind is capable of awesome creative thoughts, it is also quite capable of driving you mad. Learn to control your mind--your thoughts--by getting your well deserved rest.
Drinking your worries away - no, you do not “need a drink.” This is an escape and like conventional vacations, the euphoria is temporary. Harvest permanent tranquility through positive thinking and a healthy diet. A diet high in nutrients not only serves to heal our body but it feeds our mind, our outlook. Alcohol will only impede our efforts, and reduce our ability to cope. Besides, alcohol instantly ages you; it shows on your face.
Keep on smiling. It makes you more attractive.

Source : www.examiner.com

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